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A.W. St.Charles & Associates, Inc. has been in operation since 1993 providing services to a full range of domestic and global financial institutions. Additionally, we have provided assistance to technology and services vendors serving the financial industry in the areas of product development, operational audits, and application/product implementation.


All of our process consultants possess a minimum of fifteen years in bank operations with at least ten of those years in operations management and five years of hands-on experience. Our focus is on bank operations and its unique challenges. We have provided professional services to over fifty clients since our inception, each of which has re-engaged our services at least once.


Our core competencies include:


·        Deposit Operations process review focusing on cost containment/reduction, quality enhancement, and process controls.

·        General Ledger Remediation Services - clean-up, reconciliation, oversight, interface automation.

·        Loan Operations – particularly Consumer Loan and Mortgage Loan areas, all processes.

·        Branch Operations – staffing, workflow, transaction management, and transportation.

·        Item Processing - Conventional and Image, all processes.

·        Department/process Management – in difficult times we have assumed actual leadership of entire operations for clients.


We are a small group of Operations professionals with Operations as our sole focus. We do not do strategy. We do not do sales. We do not do culture. We provide practical consulting services addressing specific issues or opportunities. Our policy of utilizing only seasoned Operations professionals has served both our customers and us well. This policy does, however, limit our engagement capacity. We, by policy, maintain no more than three simultaneous active engagements in order to consistently deliver the highest possible quality.


Thank you in advance for your consideration of A.W. St.Charles & Associates, Inc.

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